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Portrait Artist Hamilton

Custom artist Painting drawing screen printing

Visual Artist, skydive artist, screen printing, video editing, photography, sculpting

   All custom work varies in price according to materials, size and complexity of the piece.  The more solid your vision is, the more specific your references are, and the quicker we can exchange ideas, all help add to the speed of the process.  A few consultations may be necessary to gather information and exchange ideas in order to attain an end product that the client will be satisfied with.


    In the end custom work is about you relating to the art on a personal level, rather than choosing a mass produced printed canvas from places such as Ikea.  Our societies ability to mass produce art/images at a low cost rarely produces aesthetic works of art.  The elimination of any evidence related to the creative process tends to leave an image empty and void of  any character.  Besides why would you settle for an image that has been reproduced all over the world and holds no personal relationship to the owner or viewer?  Though the cost of commissioned art can range accordingly depending on numerous factors.  Consideration must be given to the actual process and time needed to plan, prepare and produce a unique piece that will last not only in significance but in quality. 

Please feel free to contact me HERE and we can brainstorm some ideas together.

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