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Title :             Cycle II


Type:             1 colour hand pulled screen print

Editions:        Limited /100

Size:              22”x 30” (55.8 x 76.2cm)

Year:              2014

Comments:   • Screen print on Somerset 300 gsm

                     • 4 sided deckle edge. Hand printed, & signed by the artist

* prints are wrapped with acid free Archival tissue paper and shipped in a rigid tube


****  Taxes and Shipping fees are included in the displayed price.


Cycle II - diptych (set of 2) | from vex 13 000 | skydive art project

  • Screen printing is one of the traditional printmaking techniques used in fine art. Designs are broken down into individual colors which are then placed onto separate silkscreen frames. If there are 5 colors in the final image, 5 screens would be needed, one for each color. Each color is then printed onto the paper manually, one sheet at a time, until the design is complete.  Because each color is pulled by hand, each print will vary slightly, making them all unique.  All of my prints are limited editions so an edition of /30 means only 30 prints of these designs have been made by hand.  This design will not be reproduced beyond these 30 prints.   My prints are made on Fine Art paper such as Somerset, which is mould made from 100% cotton.

    My prints have been designed, broken down by colors onto screens, and hand printed by myself.  Please understand that this is done by hand and takes a good amount of time, patience and skill to oversee every aspect of the printmaking process.


  • Giclee (Zhee-Clay with a Z sound) are prints made from a computer. An artist will produce an art piece such as a painting. Then photograph it and print copies of that painting on paper.  The 'printing process' is just putting paper into the printer and pressing the print button.  These prints are typically produced on standard paper.

Please be informed in what you are purchasing. If you are buying an art print, get an original print and NOT a cheaply mass produced photocopy.
    If you have any question regarding my print making process please feel free to contact me.  You can also view a video I made about the difference between Screen printing and Giclee 'prints' HERE.


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