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Title :             Lipstick spray paint can


Type:             Sculpture cast in stone

Editions:        Open

Size:              4.5”x 4”x 3” ( 11.43 x 10.16 x 7.62 cm)

Year:              2016

Material:        stone

Comments:  • Sculpted, molded and cast by the artist


****  Taxes and Shipping fees are included in the displayed price.




Lipstick Spray Can

  • Each sculpture is typically carved in clay by hand.  After many weeks of blocking out the design, refining, adding details and texture, a mold is then created around this clay sculpt. 

    The mold making process is extremely time consuming and needs to be done correctly in oder to reproduce the original sculpture perfectly. It could take over a week to fully complete this stage.

    Once the mold is created the original clay sculpture is destroyed.  The mold is reassembled and is ready for casting. A cast is a positive copy, the final piece, that is produced form the mold. Cast can be poured in plaster, resin (hard plastic), metal, etc.

    Each step of this process is overseen me, from the conception, sculpt, mold making and casting stage.


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