July 22 2011 Oslo, Norway:

This is a picture of the Oslo city centre from VG, one of Norway’s largest newspapers.  We originally thought the explosion was 5 blocks from us.  Turns out we were on the backside of the government building.  We had been walking North down Møllergata Street for many blocks and had just past the helicopter landing pad (R4 in the picture) seconds before the explosion.  We were at the RED ARROW as the truck bomb detonated.

Another map details the path Andres Behring Breivik took (the RED dashed lines) during the truck bomb placement, detonation location and the direction he went after. The BLACK dashes on the left, show our walking path and the solid RED ARROW indicates where we were when the bomb exploded.

We were heading up the street on the left hand side (at the corner of the building with the black marble facade) as we felt the air get very dense and the shock wave burst past us.

When the ground started shaking and rumbling loudly, I thought the building we were walking by was about to collapse.  So I ran across the street to take cover, only to see the widows in front of me shattering out from the building above.  I turned and headed back.  Not knowing what was happening, I stopped in the middle of the street, waiting for the ground to stop shaking and glass to stop exploding.

AP image of the fire department.  My previous image was taken from the right hand side, on top of the bridge as the fire trucks began to arrive.  The government building can be seen in the top left hand corner with the windows  blown out.

These pictures were taken many blocks away from where we were / the centre of the explosion, as we made our way down towards the bus terminal to leave Oslo.

Thick shattered pieces of glass were everywhere.

These were a few of the next days front page newspaper headlines.

Another clipping form VG news showing the crater that the truck bomb left.  They state that the detonator was placed on top of the fertilizer drums causing the force of the blast to go into the ground.  This lessened the impact the truck bomb could have had.  

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