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Stuff is happening:

Holy Shit ! Last updated in August..!! What happened? Well sometimes things go down between updates like... not having any updates to post, my logic board malfunctioning again and being replaced for free this time (hope it lasts), working on various projects, cleaning some skulls, mold making and casting, living out of a suitcase, talking my way out of being mugged, avoiding a highway collision, getting out of being arrested, recovering from the flu, and editing non stop with no time to shave. So now that you are all caught up. Here are a few pictures of the latest project I have been editing. This new project is a collaboration between The Wretched End and myself and will be released shortly, so stay tuned for more information. Enjoy the teaser pictures and check back for more soon. Sooner than 3 months!

Facing the blank canvas -> In the middle of cutting a sequence. Tedious and challenging at times but that’s part of it. Not joking about the beard. Will be straight razoring that off after halloween.

Committing to the edit -> Honestly things never go 100% as planned, how could they? But, if you sit there focusing on that, nothing will happen. Things evolve with experimentation and constant refinement. The worse thing you can do is to procrastinate this process by hesitation and not starting.

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