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Spotting Stickers around the globe

Came across some photos from other photographers, travelers, street artists etc., around the globe where some vex / vexedart stickers have appeared in their shots. Thought it would fun to share few below and see how our paths have directly or indirectly crossed. Each picture will link directly to the website, blog, or photo sharing site the image is from. So please click around and explore their work too. Will be sprinkling in a few of my own captures into the mix too.

If you have spotted any stickers around your area of the world and would like to share, you can send over a link via the Contact page.

gingrpotamus - Flicker : Canada

Stephen Kelly - Flicker : UK

The Dusty Rebel - Website : USA

Twenty something redhead - Tumbler : Germany

vexedart : South Korea

@hellothmushroom - Twitter - Norway

nekosogi-japan - Flicker : Japan

vexedart : South Korea

solo.xplorer - Instagram : Germany

depone - Flicker : UK

vexedart - USA


hellimli - Flicker - UK

Guerrilla marketing - Website : USA

WINDSONG - Blogspot -UK

jasonpetersprod - Instagram : USA

vulgar vanity - Website : USA

Sean Worrall - Website : UK

J-Visualz - Website : Canada

Scholastic Book Clubs - Facebook : ?

evolution now - Blogspot : USA

Trux Photo : Flicker - France

ganref - Website : Japan

vexedart : South Korea

Энвер Джапаров - vatet : Germany

Jibli - Blog : South Korea

vexedart : South Korea

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