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 Positive, Negative, Nothing...


     Thoughts are ephemeral, they come and go. They can be positive at one moment, change to negative, then disappear altogether.  In this project I wanted to visually express thoughts, and also physically depict them changing.  Either from positive to negative, white to black, detailed to obscure.  One set of images would be shown, then a second set of images would be released, covering them up.  Finally everything would be deleted by releasing paint onto all of the images.

As with every skydive art project there are a number of obstacles to overcome. Such as the technical screen printing difficulties of working with very thin and unforgivable fabrics. Clearly capturing the images in freefall at speeds of 160mph in under a minute, etc.  This project had a few new technical challenges too. Mainly creating a release system to contain the second tube until it was meant to be deployed.  As well as devising a way to keep the paint secure and easily dispensable with the pull of a single handle.  A lot of time was spent fabricating these systems from scratch, test jumping them, and reworking their designs.  Special thanks to Curtis for his patience and fabrication skills.  After several revisions we were able to get things to work pretty good.  

These projects take many months to complete. Form their conception, preliminary and refined drawings. Screen printing on fabric and sewing.  Skydiving/filming and video editing. Finally, creating limited edition screen prints on paper as well as clothing.  Not sure how many hundreds of hours are spent in total, but it definitely adds up quickly.  The process of creating something, displaying it for a short period of time, and destroying it afterwards, reminds me of sand mandalas.  Buddhist monks create these elaborately designed mandalas in sand which are later destroyed during a dissolution ceremony. It is a celebration of the creative and destructive forces of life.  Embracing the creative journey and accepting that it can not last.

'Changing Thoughts' is the 3rd skydive art project. You can watch the video HERE

Time the Eraser : creating and destroying art while skydiving and painting - 2016

vex 13 000 : skydive art project - 2014

Limited Edition hand pulled screen prints on Somerset & Arnhem fine art paper for sale @ STORE

Men's & Women's shirts available HERE


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   Thanks to the following skydivers & aerial cinematographers :


Sara Curtis & Steve Curtis : Arizona Arsenal -> find them HERE

Johnny Gunn -> find him on Facebook HERE

Andy Locke -> unlisted


Special thanks to Cosmoprod for composing the original music for this project : -> find him HERE 


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-Sept 21st 2017

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