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F*Death: White resin cast

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

These are some images of the ‘F*Death’ sculpture cast in white, along with a closer look at a couple of images of the silicone sleeve insert. You can view more the yonic/third eye sculpture HERE.

‘F*Death’ skull art sculpture.

Another view of the silicone sculpture, beside the resin skull.

Another side view of the skull. The sculptural details are more visible in the white cast.

‘F*Death’ - skull sculpture with the yonic/third eye silicone sleeve removed.

Yonic/third eye silicone sculpture:

Pictures definitely fall short in accurately describing an art piece. It becomes even more difficult with sculptures. I hope these images help to show some detail of the removable sleeve that goes with the ‘F*Death’ sculpture.

Closeup of a white yonic/third eye sleeve removed form the skull sculpture.

Silicone sculpture detail.

Internal ribbing of the yonic/third eye ‘pleasure sleeve’.

I experimented with creating several different textures. This version has a studded internal texture.

A closeup of a red silicone cast.

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