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*New Video: ‘Primordial Freedom’

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

In These Woods, From These Mountains, is the new album by the Norwegian extreme metal band The Wretched End. Having worked with Samoth, Cosmo, and Nils before on the video for ‘Death by Nature’, it was great to be asked to create another video for the second song off the new album -> ‘Primordial Freedom’.

Today marks the video debut, so have a look below and enjoy!

The new album from The Wretched End will be out April 22nd 2016.

You can visit their official online store on Omerch HERE.

The Wretched End new album In these woods, from these mountains | extreme metal

You can also view the first video I created with The Wretched End entitled ‘Death by Nature’ HERE.

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