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Latest macro photos:

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Have been very busy video editing, screen printing, and sculpting these days. Am close to finishing up a new project and also preparing for an up coming show. Will be giving you more details shortly. In the meantime if you do not follow me on Instagram, you can view a few more of my latest macro photographs HERE.

jumping spider beside a human hair | magnification of a spider

Another tiny jumping spider. Less than 1 cm in size. This one was on my hand.

Tiny jumping spider | macro photography of bugs

A jumping spider on the leaf of a black eyed susan.

Macro photo of a jumping spider | insect photography

One of the larger jumping spiders I have photographed. Around 2 cm in size.

Arizona jumping spider | close up insect pictures

A small jumper I found in Arizona.

spider eyes small spiders seen up close

Have been pretty obsessed with these tiny jumping spiders and capturing their variations.

Detail picture of a house fly | red eyes of a fly

Close up of a house fly.

cicada changed from nymph to adult

A cicada resting shortly after transforming from a nymph to an adult.

An Ant close up and personal | ant teeth

Macro photography of an ant.

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