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New sculpture-> ‘Fuk-Shu’ - soft sculpture : April 1st 2015

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

New sculpture-> ‘Fuk-Shu’ - soft sculpture : April 1st 2015

Do you have a high heel fetish and want to take it to the next level ? Are you constantly looking for novel ways to put that spring back in your step? Ladies and gentlemen look no further.... Introducing the one, the only ‘Fuk-Shu’ -> The sculpture you never knew you wanted, until NOW! Made from 100% pure, premium grade, extra soft silicone. This multi purpose, biological certified skin safe sculpture can be yours to-day! So let me ask you.... what are you waiting for? Contact the studio for more information.

-April 1st 2015

#softsculpture #siliconeart #dildo #adulttoy #fukshu #highheelart #shoeart #originalart #originalsculptures #3dart

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